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125 National Championships 29th Dec 17 to 4th Jan 18
Please do not forget to send in your application form in ASAP. Link to the form can be found on the News and Events plage. Please email your form to us.

The Championships are held a Gosford sailing club, NSW

There will be a free BBQ for our sailors at the end of each racing day.

NYE fireworks at Gosford.

We are also planning to have other optional social events. We are expecting some great competition and fun while you take part in 9 races.

Please let know if you have any questions.
John27-Oct-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: 125 National Championships 29th Dec 17 to 4th Jan 18
I found my entry form with the link below. Have you filled yours in? So, you do not miss out of being part of the 125 Nationals. Entry forms need to be emailed to:

Link to form:

Sarah Smith10-Nov-2017    Edit    Delete 

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