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New Boat Builders
does anyone have a list of 125 boat builders and prices?
Shane29-Aug-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: New Boat Builders

check it out i work for jim
nick30-Aug-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: New Boat Builders
If you are in SA, then Andrew Baker is currently building 2 GRP hulls from female moulds of well proven performance potential. Contact the SA President (contacts page of this website) for more details
Don Barnett1-Sep-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: New Boat Builders
We have ordered one from formula 15 and after a lot of research we felt this was a good option for us. We are expecting to receive the boat in about 3 weeks and we are very excited about this.
Derek Miles - Lourdes Hill College Sailing Club - Brisbane
Derek Miles2-Sep-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: New Boat Builders
hey don,

just wondering what mould the south aust guy is using. is it the yms one (like a botteril?)
2-Sep-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: New Boat Builders
Robert McQuade has the Victorian Mad Cow mould. A boat is just being finished from that mould. I can pass on any queries to him - see my email address in the name below
alison2-Sep-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: New Boat Builders
id recomend if your in victoria coming and having a look at what were doing at the factory (formula sailcraft.)

if you end up deciding to build your own boat or anything like that (what alison is talking about) ask jim or i heaps of questions about lay ups etc. were hear to help its in the best intrests of the class to have all new boats being lightweight (one of the things that makes 125s so good). jims a really good guy and him/ me are willing to offer plenty of free advice...

nick3-Sep-2007    Edit    Delete 

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