National 125 Sailing Association
Mould waxed and polished
Undercoat and outer glass layer
Vacuum bagging the foam
Hull shell pops out at 20kg with interior laminate complete
Flat panels are laminated with glass and peel ply. These panels are later cut to shape with an oscillating saw
Foam Sandwich Panels are glued in place and filleted
Pins hold the panels before gluing
Plywood blocks are located for fitting fix points and mast step
Almost Ready for the decks
Ready for the decks
Gluing the decks down
Bagging the centre case
Building the thwart
Thwart and centre case ready
Glassing the gunnels
Centre case in position
Bow cover built
Thwart in
Gunnels trimmed
Scupper holes cut
Weight at birth 41kg
Ready to take home, fill, fair and paint, and fit out and rig.

Thanks to all in the Victorian 125 building co-op team.

  National 125 Association admin