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For Sale - ID: 1486 January 13, 2022 Edit / Delete
Sail No. : 3047
Price: 2900
Altona meadows
Ph: 0488460138


For sale botterill fiberglass 125 in good conditions.
During the last 3 years of racing i've gradually gotten the boat better and better with the help and guidance of a professional boat maker.

- rebuilt the transom
- rebuilt the bow
- new centerboard
- fixed and polished all soft spots (very few) and rudder
- lots of new systems and ropes
- got the boat to race regurlarly
- weighed the boat, just a couple of kg above minimum weight
- Sails are fine, 2 mains, 2 jibs, 1 spinnaker. 1 of the jibs is near new.
- No soft spots

- It's an old(ish) boat, marks and scratches as you should expect.
- repaired the gunnel before the last state titles, it is very strong but i didn't have the time to fix the aesthetics, the internal part have an exposed fiberglass patch. Doesn't effect functionality; could keep using it as is or finish it with gelcoat.
- one of the trolley wheels needs repair
- leaky bailers when not moving (go fast then!)

Haven't used it much lately and won't be able to in the foreeable future for missing crew, so it's time someone else enjoys it as i focus on my single handler.

Wanted To Buy - ID: 1485 January 11, 2022 Edit / Delete
Brunswick Heads nsw
Ph: 0422441008

Hi I would like to buy cheap 125.
Prefer timber but anything will do.
Just want to get sailing
Thank you.

Wanted To Buy - ID: 1483 December 26, 2021 Edit / Delete
Price: 1000-2000 approx
Brighton East
Ph: +61400892602

Looking to buy a 125 Dinghy for some casual sailing with my family.

For Sale - ID: 1390 December 21, 2021 Edit / Delete
Price: 5500
Kew, VIC
Ph: 0413 185 898

New Fibreglass foam sandwich yacht from the proven Mad Cow mould. Mould produced National & state champions such as Slow Boat, MMMad cow, Black Pearl.
Ready for your fittings. The package includes Centreboard, Rudderblade, spinnaker chute bracket.
See website or
telephone Robert on 0413 281 898 for more information

For Sale - ID: 1482 December 21, 2021 Edit / Delete
Sail No. : 3089
Price: 3,200
Ph: 0421800894

Pizzacato for sale. New sail, 2 jibs, 2 kites, trolley and trailer if required.

Wanted To Buy - ID: 1480 December 11, 2021 Edit / Delete
Mount Pleasant,WA
Ph: 0487920889

Looking for a beach trolley for a 125 and a good condition Kite/Spinnaker with rigging.
Recently picked up an older 125 in good Nick but missing the Kite and no trolley :)

Wanted To Buy - ID: 1468 July 21, 2021 Edit / Delete
kevin boch
Ph: 0403045233

Where can I buy 125 mast section in Brisbane.

For Sale - ID: 1466 June 23, 2021 Edit / Delete
Sail No. : 3174
Price: $6,000

Perth, WA
Ph: 0417 979 830

3174 - BLACK BUT

High-performing, competitive 125 that won the 2018/19 WA State Titles.

Foam sandwich hull built by Steve Hudson with wooden detailing on gunnels and centre-case. Boat is complete with all fittings, spars and beach trolley.

Full racing set of Thomson sails (used only for State and National titles within the past two seasons), full set of club racing sails (very good condition, retired from State and National use), and a variety of other sails for training use.

Boat has been carefully maintained, most recently comprising of a re-paint of the deck, and complete re-varnish of the wooden gunnels. Spare paints and supplies can be provided for any future colour matching and touch ups.

Please contact Kate for any further information.

For Sale - ID: 1448 May 17, 2021 Edit / Delete
Sail No. : 3098
Price: 3000
Ph: 0447039335

Blown budget
Selling this boat because Iím wanting an upgrade
Hudson mould with timber Gunnels and center case
Freshly painted last year June
One set of hill sails averaged

For Sale - ID: 600 March 15, 2021 Edit / Delete
Price: $8950 for bare hull/Deck Assembly
Formula Sailcraft
Ph: 0409 151121

New 125 Race Model from the 'FS 125 Mk2' moulds.

Our 125s perform well in all conditions and are carefully constructed using vacuum infusion and Vinylester resin with Divinicell foam core, with a tough gelcoat finish for long life and low maintenance.

Priced from $9750 for hull/deck ready for fitting out, including scupper cut-outs, bailer recesses and floor grip.

We also make foils, rudder boxes, alloy trolleys and can do full fit outs if required.

Also see our on-line store: for all your dinghy sailing bits and pieces, Allen, Riley, Ronstan, English Braids Rope, SS fastenings and more.

For more info, see Formula Sailcraft.

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