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For Sale - ID: 1283 Edit April 30, 2017
Sail No. : 289
Price: negotiable.
Greg Hanrahan
Ipswich, Queensland
Ph: 0410 610 706

Complete sailing dinghy (Number 289)on galvanised Tinka trailer, hull in good condition, however, deck, etc. in need of stripping back and repaint. All parts, including two sails and two spinnakers included (both sails and one spinnaker in need of repair or replacement).
For Sale - ID: 1263 Edit April 24, 2017
Sail No. : 2874
Price: $1200
John Hutton
Ph: 0416045539

Boat has 2 mains, 4 jibs(2 need repair),furler,2 spinnakers, aluminum trolley. Boat is plywood but hull has been fiberglass sheathed.
No registered trailer but I have an unregistered sabre trailer which could be easily modified for 125.
For Sale - ID: 1276 Edit April 23, 2017
Price: $50-$75
Simon Barwood
Ph: 0412922010

Garage cleanup, up for grabs secondhand 125 sails.

Price drop, wife says they have to go, grab a bargain...

Main - Sold
Jibs (x3) - $50ea
Spinnakers - (1 sold, 1 left) $75.

Still good for club racing, training or to save your good set on windy days.
For Sale - ID: 1282 Edit April 19, 2017
Sail No. : Road trailer
Price: $900
Ivanhoe, Vic
Ph: 0417 508 483

8x4 Flatbed Boat Trailer for sale $900.
Suit 125, Sabre, Laser or similar.

Excellent condition.

New ones cost $1049 and then need to be assembled.

Trailer is registered and can carry up to 700kg gross. Lots of accessories available, see Easytrailer (850TAB at
For Sale - ID: 1281 Edit April 17, 2017
Sail No. : 3198
Price: 14500
Peter Mann
Gladstone, QLD
Ph: 0418138182

2017 125 sailing dinghy sail number 3198

Foam sandwich hull with 1.5kg of correcter weights added to bring boat to minimum weight.
Ronstan and Allen fittings
Carbon fibre mast stiffener and Carbon spinnaker pole
Formula Sailcraft carbon foils with custom carbon rudder box
Beach trolley
Sails in photo are borrowed sails, the new sails have not been unwrapped
Happy to deliver to Brisbane at no cost
Gumtree add
For Sale - ID: 1280 Edit April 08, 2017
Sail No. : NA
Price: $1300
East Fremantle, WA
Ph: 0408660631

Road Trailer - BRAND NEW, used once.
Suit Sabre or 12 foot sailing dinghy.
Spare wheel and aluminium floor to prevent stone chips.
Please phone Michael - 0408 660 631
For Sale - ID: 1279 Edit April 08, 2017
Sail No. : 3178
Price: 5200
Mark McOnie
Melbourne, Victoria
Ph: 0404841655

Built by Formula Sailcraft, Williamstown and is in outstanding condition and ready to race. Features include:

Brand New custom made Launching Trolley

Main & Jib Sail in excellent condition

Spinnaker and trapeze system

Foils and spars in excellent condition

Hull and deck - perfect condition, water tight

Deck hardware - high quality fittings

Ropes and sheets - replaced in late 2015 and minimal use

Cover included

The boat has been stored in Elwood Sailing Club and is ready for viewing and inspection. Please Note: Road Trailer is not included.
For Sale - ID: 1275 Edit March 06, 2017
Sail No. : 940
Price: $1,800 ono
Bob Miller
Dromana VIC
Ph: 0359818680

Good condition
Reg road trailer
Beach trolly
Main jib good condition
ready to sail
no spinaker
Great boat for a family or beginer
For Sale - ID: 1273 Edit March 04, 2017
Sail No. : 2881
Price: $3000
Ian McCrudden
Ph: 0400232828

"Plumbob" Timber boat built by Trevor Larance (sister boat to Rush Hour). Not sailed for many years. Good condition. 2 masts, 2 booms, hardley used set of Tru Flo sails (no spinaker) Registered road trailer. new cradle. Located near Sunshine sailing club Lake Maquarie area.
And I found the spinnaker yipee!,
For Sale - ID: 1235 Edit February 05, 2017
Sail No. : 3114
Price: $4000
Cathy Forman
Kettering, Tasmania
Ph: 0421377670

12 years old but hardly used so still in very good condition.
Timber construction (marine ply, but also some King Billy and Huon pine in the trim)
Ronston mainsheet block and cleat.
Full set of Thompson sails, very good condition.
Call for further details.

Wanted To Buy - ID: 1270 Edit January 31, 2017

Need a forestay shroud...was missing on recently purchased 125
For Sale - ID: 1268 Edit January 25, 2017
Sail No. : 1908
Price: 1250
Ph: 0450960100

Having moved on to bigger boats the beloved 125 finds little use anymore and I would prefer it to be used then left in a shed. Awesome boat to learn to sail on but is more than capable for racing to a high standard as it has a spinnaker and trapeze, both optional. It has a timber hull that was refurbished when first bought, completely repainted (sanded, fibre glassed seams, epoxied, two part undercoat, then two part high gloss finish) with Silky Oak details. New rudder assembly worth $600 new, has a few stress fractures from hitting floating sticks on the lake but in no way hinders the performance. New spreaders and stays, all rope, blockes, cleats (mainly Ronstan) are less than 2 years old. 100% working order (race ready), comes with the beach trolley seen in the photos. Also has a GoPro mount and tether. The boat comes with a built in chute for the kite but we have it set up with bags.

Comes with:
1 main sail
1 jib
1 spinnaker
1 spinnaker pole
Beach trolley

For more info on rigging, photos or details don't hesitate to email me, more than happy to rig it a few times. Located in Canberra, and stored at the YMCA sailing club.
For Sale - ID: 1266 Edit January 21, 2017
Sail No. : Have to check
Price: $2500
Maryborough QLD
Ph: 0437232370

Constellation, cedar ply that has been sheathed.
One main, jib, spinnaker, roll over aluminium trolley with gel trailer in good condition unregistered for now.
Unfinished project, needs painting.
Wanted To Buy - ID: 1262 Edit January 05, 2017

Ph: 0409357697

Looking for club racing sails for an old boat #1949. Need a jib and mainsail.
Wanted To Buy - ID: 1261 Edit December 01, 2016
Peter Young
Ph: 0418849835

I need a tiller for a 125 son left his down the beach and now we are looking for a replacement
For Sale - ID: 1256 Edit October 25, 2016
Sail No. : 2369
Price: $900
Ph: 0410181746

Sail number 2369, timber with newish paint, just replaced all stainless running rigging and stays, bought it to teach my 6 and 4 year old to sail but its to fast and bug for their size...
For Sale - ID: 1255 Edit October 13, 2016
Sail No. : 2664
Price: 950.00 ONO
Wayne Carney
Dingley Village Victoria
Ph: 03 9551 6662

Timber 2664 WHIM2 Wayne Carney DINGLEY VILLAGE, Vic, We bought the boat in 2015 December Boat was previously registered on Association list Under Phillip leslie Croyden Victoria and previous was Brian Hepburn Bought the hull at the end of 2008 had been partially finished but never seen the water. Completed and launched in March 2009 Looking forward to enjoying the boat. Now 2016 we will sail her at Chelsea Yacht Club. Wayne & Shannon Carney. Comes with all sail and Rigging Plus Beach Trolley. and Boat Cover. Also some Historical Documents and background to the boat. Timber constructions.
For Sale - ID: 1112 Edit October 11, 2016
Price: $6000
MCQ Marine Pty Ltd
Melbourne, Vic
Ph: 0413 185 898

Professionally built fibreglass foam sandwich construction yachts ready for your fittings.
The package includes Centreboard, Rudder Blade and Spinnaker Chute Bracket.
Yachts from this Mad Cow mould include many National, State & Club champions including Slow Boat, MMMad Cow and Black Pearl.
See our website or
Phone Robert on 0413 185 898 for further information
For Sale - ID: 600 Edit October 11, 2016
Price: from $8400 April 2016
Formula Sailcraft
Ph: 0409 151121

New 125 Race Model from the 'FS 125 Mk2' moulds which have produced the 2008/09 and 2009/10 National Champion 'Mk 2', the 2010/11 National Champion 'Greenout' and the 2011/12 National Champion 'Black Beard' FS Mk2s also placed well in the recent 2012/13 Nationals with 'Green Out' 4th, 'Kraken Up' 6th and 'Strange Magic' 7th.

Our 125s perform well in all conditions and are carefully constructed in vacuum bagged foam sandwich with a tough gelcoat finish for long life and low maintanence.

Priced from $8400 for hull/deck ready for fitting out, including scupper cut-outs, bailer recesses and floor grip.

We also make foils, rudder boxes, alloy trolleys and can do full fitouts if required.

We are the Australian distributors of the high quality UK Allen Brothers range of fittings and can supply quality Allen fit-out packages at very competitive prices.

Also see our new on-line store: for all your dinghy sailing bits and pieces, Allen, Riley, Ronstan, English Braids Rope, SS fastenings and more.

For more info, see Formula Sailcraft.

Bare hull shells now available from our 125-Mk2 mould. $3285

Built from Divinicell foam and Vinyl-ester resin using vacuum infusion.
Includes centrecase trunk built in.
Ready for home completion of internals using either plywood or foam sandwich.
Standard colour White, other colours available for $80.00 extra.
For more info, see Formula Sailcraft.

Wanted To Buy - ID: 1251 Edit October 01, 2016
Paul O'Connor
Ph: 0413111012

Looking to buy.a cheap spinnaker.pole just purchased a 125 and seems to be lacking a pole
I'm in vic
Wanted To Buy - ID: 1246 Edit September 06, 2016
Price: negotiable
Morwenna Griffiths
Melbourne, Victoria
Ph: 0401 491 051

I've recently bought a 1980s vintage 125 with 1980s sails.
I'm wanting to get some newer sails.
If anyone out there is upgrading their sails, please let me know as I'd be interested in buying some reasonable quality second hand sails.

Also, it came with a very heavy beach trolley. Does anyone have a secondhand trolley?

Wanted To Buy - ID: 1243 Edit August 01, 2016
Price: Make an offer
Chay Carter
Mooloolabah, QLD
Ph: 0405256795

Our wooden 125 has been damaged so we plan on scrapping the hull. We have all the rest available if anyone is interested in parts.
Wanted To Buy - ID: 1241 Edit July 13, 2016
Price: $50
Scott Quinn
Ph: 0412 051 316

Looking to buy a fair to reasonable jib for an older 125.

Don't need anything flash at all - just in one piece :-)

Ideally with a blue stripe.
For Sale - ID: 1233 Edit June 20, 2016
Sail No. : 2174
Price: 1901
Ph: 0438110126

Recently renovated. Painted hull, 2 pac cockpit and estapol timber. Sail number 2174 Ply and hardwood frame and sheeting. timber keel and rudder. Main Sail and Jib have been patched, Spinnaker is perfect. Everything in good running order. Dry boat. Comes with Registered Trailer and Beach trolley. Great to learn. My crew have lost interest. Named: Passing Wind (not my choice)
Built 1980.

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