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Register of 125s
There is a new page where you can enter your 125 into the register of boats. Please add your boat to the list so we can compile a list of boats and, hopefully, keep it up to date.
Please ask other owners to add their boats also.
Keith Merkley2-Apr-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Register of 125s
Thanks to Keith Merkley, we now have a Boat Register on our site. Please feel free to add your boat to the register. You can add as much information as you wish and it is very secure in that none of your personal details are shown. Your entry is password protected and you can edit/delete this entry at any time using your password. Anyone wishing to contact you can only do so by clicking on you name and sending you an email, that is provided you included your email address, which is NOT displayed to the sender.
I feel this will be a great tool for locating older boats which have dropped off the radar, or finding out the history behind some of the more "famous" boats.

You are encouraged to enter your boat's details so we can get a pretty good picture of what boats are sailing where and by whom.
Les Kemp3-Apr-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Register of 125s
Hi I saw your notice about register of 125. I was out at Lake Samsonvale Water sport ass at Strathpine the other day and saw an old timber Red 1.
In poor condition with pait Peeling and water in it. I think the number was 2117 not sure now. But I recon if some one wants to do the boat up before it get to bad I would give that club a call and see if they can get her.
Because there are boats out there the club has no idea who owns them.

Leon31-May-2008    Edit    Delete 

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