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What are your thoughts on bringing back the 145s? 125s and 145s could sail at the same venues. It would be a way to keep us fat arses around. We would like to stay around the class socially and this would allow us to be more competitve.
Andrew Foster6-May-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: 145
I had the same thought a few years back. I don't think there is an active association for the 145's anymore, a few still sail at Albert Park lake as far as I know. Some of your Impulse contacts may know more.
Damian Wright6-May-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: 145
There is still a active 145 association mainly based at Elwood SC where they conducted part of their State Titles. The balance were held successfully at Indented Head.
Frank Whyte24-Mar-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: 145
Sorry folks my last message was incorrect. It was the National E's I was thinking of.

Apologies again.
Frank Whyte24-Mar-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: 145
Can anyone let me know if any 145s still sailing,as dont think any do in s.a..apart from me
Mick unnasch25-Jul-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: 145
I also am interested in the 145, seeking to build one. Does anyone know if this is still possible and/or have a useful contact.
Gary Munday26-Jul-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: 145
Hi - I don't think the 145 association is still active. I was a committee member and still have a copy of the plans, (I think). There are still a few boats scattered around I believe, two still semi active in Geelong. I'm happy to be contacted at

Cheers Phil Armitage.
Phil Armitage5-Jan-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: 145
We have several at the ballaarat yacht club, looking for any boats that are for sale, I have one and it is really an exciting boat to sail. Bring on a comeback... Great race boat
Scott inglis14-Jun-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: 145
I own a 145, and am from Melbourne. I am looking to find a few others who sail 145s, I know of a few in Geelong and Indented Head (I used to live there and never quite caught up with any of them), but will probably try Elwood SC soon.

I would however like to get the building plans from somewhere, is that still possible?
Roger Rickard13-Jan-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: 145
Cracker of a boat ,strange they are so rare .I have one for sale
Brett Errey17-Aug-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: 145
I have a 145 for sale as well,
Allan Partridge10-Jun-2019    Edit    Delete 
Re: 145
I started sailing my first 145 in 1989, called 'Vegimite' (now diseased).
I took over many years ago the 145 'Passage of Arms', built by Ron Anderson, which I have sailed with much pleasure. It is an exiting dingy to sail.
I have this boat now for sale for a next generation of keen sailors.

Nicolaas van Nouhuys2-Nov-2019    Edit    Delete 
Re: 145
Does anyone have a 145 for sail?
Paul Lindemann 15-Sep-2022    Edit    Delete 

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