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Male Moulding
I want to build a new boat for next season.
Are there any plans available for setting up the frames and the stations required to get a competative hull shape?
Are they available in AutoCAD format or as a hard copy plan set?
Any help would be appreciated.

Greg Hood 7-Dec-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Male Moulding

When John Anderson first built the QLD male jig in about 1995, we simply took the patterns from an existing 125 to build a boat for a student he was teaching at the time. It was simply a boat the student wanted to copy. It was called Chillout built by Trev Laurence from NSW. (and as it turned out Chillout was later used to take the NATIONAL 125 BUILDING PATTERNS from.)

Your best bet is to contact your local 125 contacts in your state to get a copy of the National Patterns. I know they have a hard copy at least. If you are in QLD feel free to email me.

Sorry about the previous response.... It seems some people would rather be negative then help others into the class.

Good Luck
Chris Anderson9-Dec-2008    Edit    Delete 

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