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New Sails
If anyone is interested in a new set of sails from Norths, they have indicated that we can get an 8% discount on the price if 5 or more sets are ordered. So far there are 3 sets (myself and Steinbacks 2 sets). Please let me know if anyone is wanting a set so that we can get the discount. A full set costs $1,675 (main 725, jib 365 and spinnaker 585) and the panel colours available on the jib and main is blue, black and red. The price is inclusive of GST and comes with sailbags and coloured panels. Why not go for a new set for the states at Hervey Bay next year.
My phone is 07 3899 9911 (all hours)
Derek Miles

Derek Miles29-Aug-2005    Edit    Delete 

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