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new crew
Hello everyone, i have a new crew and i am training him, his a good crew but stuggles on the wire while trimming the kite. Any pointers?
Bon Lloyd14-Feb-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: new crew
Basics stay the same if on wire, keep kite eased until luff starts to curl, then trim and ease. Everything happens quicker however because the apparent wind is faster so you need to be more aggressive (faster) with trimming.

When on wire there is obviously a bit more going on but the basics are:
Trapeze a little higher so its easier to move in and out (and back and forth).
Skipper can help by steering for balance (up in lulls and down in gusts) as well as the occasional help with quick trim by using your non tiller hand if your crew is small.

The best way to get better at this is to start by practicing on shore, then graduate to doing it in practice in a medium breeze day. Its amazing how quick the skill will come along with no racing pressure to start with. As the crew gets better/stronger they can start to trim with one hand, making everything easier.

Watch out for crews who stand with their feet too far apart or too close together. Shoulder width is ideal as you get stability as well as being able to make quick movements forward in lulls and aft in gusts.

Good luck with it, reaching in a breeze on a 125 is great fun.
Andrew14-Feb-2012    Edit    Delete 

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