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sailing a 125 solo
Is it possible to sail a 125 solo? I've been sailing a sabre which is very similar minus the jib, my wife now sails with me on the 125 but on occasion she is unavailable so...
terry allen22-Apr-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: sailing a 125 solo
Hi terry
It can be done (i have done a few time myself Without a jib). But you cannot race in state or National titles. as for club race u need to talk to your club about it.
Alex Thomson22-Apr-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: sailing a 125 solo
The answer is yes with a lot of fun, depending upon your fitness level.
In light and moderate winds it can be done utilising the jib as normal. I would recommend centre boom sheeting with a suitable cleat as the hands will be busy when tacking. If good enough you can even fly a spinnaker. Pole launchers and a chute make it very easy, enough hands and balance weight will be the limiting factor.
As the wind increases, decrease sail area by either rolling the jib around the forestay, or replace it with a separate wire forestay.
As the centre of effort from the sails has been moved aft by removing the jib, you will need to balance the helm by moving the centre of lateral resistance (centre of wetted surface) aft as well. Do this by raking the centreboard aft a bit.
Trapezing single handed is a blast, as the boat is so much lighter and very responsive. However you will need a longer tiller extension. I found the telescoping ones suitable, however a long extension coupled with end boom sheeting will get you very wet.
Your most troublesome time will come in stepping the mast and getting on & off your trailer. Being able to drop your sails at the waters edge will be an advantage.
All of the above is applicable to social sailing and cruising. For racing the 125 must have a 2 person crew. I would be very surprised if any yacht club would permit short handed sailing as a regular occurance.
Don Barnett23-Apr-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: sailing a 125 solo
Thanks guys, that's what I wanted to hear, not racing just mucking about, will give it go.
terry allen24-Apr-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: sailing a 125 solo
Great info Don, I was wondering the same.
Paul Rooke2-Jan-2013    Edit    Delete 
Re: sailing a 125 solo
sailing 125 solo is definitely worth a go, heck its how I taught myself to sail. Lasers were above my price range, and a more knowledgeable hand advised me I would get tired of a mirror too soon, and an abandoned 125 turned up at just the right time. I do however admire the clearly more experienced soul who sugessted using the spinakker solo though...
Dean B19-Apr-2013    Edit    Delete 

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