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Upcoming QLD Nationals Accomodation
I have re-loaded the list of accomodation suggestions for the upcoming National Titles to be held at Manly onto the website under QLD Events and News - I believe there was some issues opening the original file. We are also currently waiting to confirm possible camping options at the sailing club for the duration of the carnival
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Re: Upcoming QLD Nationals Accomodation
Anyone who is travelling more than 2000kms to attend the upcoming Australian Titles in Manly, Brisbane will have their entry fee waived!!!!

Yes that right FREE ENTRY to any boat that travels more than 2000kms to attend - and this is thanks to the QLD 125 association. The QLD 125 association is committed to promoting the class and recognises the significant costs of travelling from SA and WA to attend this years titles.

Hope to see you in Manly...

Jenny13-Jul-2013    Edit    Delete 

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