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28th National Championships
The SA Division welcomes all competitors to the 28th National at Adelaide Sailing Club in January 2005. It is hard to believe the 125 has been around so long. I can still remember sailing in the first Nationals at Black Rock Yacht Club in Vic. Proudly won by SA brothers Bryan and John Inns. I came in a pleasing 6th. The body is not as willing these days and I have to be content in making sure the leaders are still in eyesight to keep them honest.
Planning is well advanced for the Regatta and a good time both on and off the water is assured.
The Race Officer will be Roger Wilson a very experienced sailor in his own right and a YA qualified National Race Officer. The Notice of Race can be downloaded from the 125 Association web site or direct from and click on the 125 picture near the bottom - follow your nose via the boxes on the lefthand side of the next page. The Sailing Instructions will be available via this website shortly.
There is an online entry facility which puts your data straight into the results scoring program - prevents incorrect spelling on the trophies. Payment can be either to Adelaide SC or to the 125 Assoc. SA Division. Get your entry in as soon as practical so that we know who is coming.
Accommodation has been extensively taken up in the caravan park just 800metres north of the ASC. If you are stuck let me know as we may be able to assist.
If 125 sailors are concerned about the Flying 15's at the same time, I can assure them that there are 2 separate courses, both easily viewed from the comfort of the Adelaide SC balcony, an arms reach from the bar. There is a 6 lane boat ramp and crane facirity where the Flying 15's will be launching from and a sheltered beach for the 125's. Rigging lawns are extensive - we reqularly field a fleet of 100+ off the beach dinghies & cats each Saturday - also sailed on 2 separate courses.

Don Barnett
President 125 Association SA Division Inc.
Don Barnett22-Nov-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: 28th National Championships
Could all members going to the nationals please check that you have confirmed your accommodation booking, and have paid your outstanding fees. A number of sites have been book, but not confirmed. Please check this weekend.

Alternatively, if you have decided not to go to the nationals, please contact Don Barnett so he can arrange another 125 member to take up your accommodation.

Barry Pike2-Dec-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: 28th National Championships
Recent shark fatatility near Adelaide Sailing Club.
For an accurate reporting of events read the Adelaide SC website ( the media sensationalises to sell more papers!
Saturday 18/12 there was sailing as normal at all clubs along the coast. I was sailing at Adelaide and apart from a very much increased race management boat presence and other organisations patrols it was very normal - a delightful sail. Half way down the first reach there was a pod of 6 very playful dolphins (a sign no nasties within a couple of miles). I heard that it was reported in the eastern states press that the International Cadet Titles had been cancelled. This is not true. By the time the 125 Nationals start, the offenders will be no more - sail in our normal safe waters and enjoy.
Don Barnett President 125 Association SA Division
Don Barnett18-Dec-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: 28th National Championships
Revised Notice of Race Entry Form.
Liability Insurance of Competitors recently became an issue. I personally have problems with the pressures that have brought to bear with the fear of litigation in our society. In the interests of protecting Adelaide Sailing Club's insurance it has become necessary to not accept competitors word re item 2.6 (insurance) in the notice of race. Proof of insurance is now required with entry and the entry form has been changed accordingly.
Don Barnett - Race Committee
Don Barnett18-Dec-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: 28th National Championships
Sailing Instructions now available on both 125 Association and Adelaide SC websites.

Don Barnett23-Dec-2004    Edit    Delete 

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