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Lack of notice of Vic championships
I sail regularly at Parkdale. Last year at the VIC championships I joined the association and never have I received a email or newsletter. There has been NO advertising of this year state championships either directly to members or to clubs. I never have received notices about the nationals championships. If this class is to grow and develop it need to do better promotion. One of the pacer skippers tells me that 125 s are a dying class. I think he is right. It is not due to the boat which I think is great but due to lack of publicity and organisation.. I offered to help last year but not one took up that offer. I am not going to the Vic championships this year as we made bookings for other events in the march long weekend given we had no notice of any events. We are making arrangements for our Christmas new year as we need to make bookings. Is there a national championships. If so I need to get notices soon before we confirm our Christmas bookings.
Bruce Hart 1-Mar-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Lack of notice of Vic championships
Hi Bruce
I am disappointed to hear of your dissatisfaction there. As I am in WA I cannot help but certainly hope someone from the Vic Association responds to you soon.
I can however dispel the the anecdotal words of said Pacer skipper who said the 125s are a dying class. Here in WA we are as strong as ever, have a number of new boats being built at present and over winter. (Here the Pacer does not even exist as an one could say it's a "never was" class.) The nationals were held just recently with over 30 boats attending from 4 States and the ACT.
I do agree that promotional activity is lacking and I am sure you feedback, which I will bring the NECs attention to.
Andrew Tailor
WA Association President
Andrew1-Mar-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Lack of notice of Vic championships
Dear Bruce,
as a member of the 125 association Vitrorian Division I am sorry to hear youy have not received any emails. I am not on committee , nor am I the primary member of our family membership so I don't directly get the emails myseld and am not sure what has been sent when.
It is always worh while keeping an eye on the assocuation website.
Regarding National Championsips, if it follows the normal cycle the Christmas 2014 champs will be held in South Australia. You could contact the SA President or other committee members through this website to see if they have preliminary infomraiton available. (see under the contacts pages)
Alison3-Mar-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Lack of notice of Vic championships
Hi Bruce
Sorry to hear about the problem re Victoria State heats. The national titles for this year will be held at the Tumby Bay Yacht Club in country SA. If you can access the 125 facebook site you will be able to view where and what is available at the upcoming nationals.
Peter Henderson
SA Measurer/Treasurer
Peter Henderson3-Mar-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Lack of notice of Vic championships
Hi Bruce
Yes we apologize for the lack of communication.
There have been a number of reasons, but this makes no difference to members.
Just to let U know we have 3 confirmed going to SA Tumby bay Nationals, with likely a few more to follow.
The States and nationals are always held at the same time, ie States Long weekend in march with maybe a day with a normal club race.
The committee is trying to communicate more and only recently got its email database up to date.
Please be aware that of the 5 committee people, only 1 sails 125's (and its not me)
We are all ways looking for new committee members.
James12-Mar-2014    Edit    Delete 

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