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timber 125 in need of repair sail nbr 564
My father built our 125 in the late 1970's and unfortunately for the last 20 years or so it's been sitting unused and has become a little bit unloved. The last time it received attention was probably a little over 20 years ago when I put a sheet of fibreglass over the hull and re did the seams / joins inside the boat with fibreglass tape etc.
It now needs a large amount of timber cut out and replaced but to be honest I'm not sure where to start. Would love to speak to anyone who has done this type of restore and could offer any advice.
I'm sure it would probably be easier to simply buy or build a new hull, however, it obviously has sentimental value to. Any suggestions / guidance would be greatly appreciated. Will try and upload some pictures if anyone thinks it might help. Located in the Ballarat area but boat is currently in Sunbury.
Helen Stephens7-Oct-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: timber 125 in need of repair sail nbr 564
Hi Helen, sentinental value is the most precious of all, but be certain you will be happier having spent money on this rather than saying goodbye to it. That said, if you are certain the path to happiness lies through this project then all the best.
I bought and restored a roughly 1964 Scow Moth and had never done this before. I found forums like this very helpful, but I would also recommend YouTube for the practical demonstration of the various jobs in restoration.
As for where to start, I suggest pricing the timber and other materials you will need to help you decide go/no-go. Then if it is "go" just start. Scrape the paint around an area that needs replacing, cut the bad timber out, make the patch and put it in. You will learn as you go and can always re-do a patch if you figure don't like your first attempt. I look forward to seeing progress photos if you do it.
Jonathan McCorriston26-Oct-2014    Edit    Delete 

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