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Advice sought re replacement mast fitting.
Hi all,
I am hoping someone in the association can help me with some information. I am currently re fitting my (very) old 125 for my son and I to sail this summer. My problem is that the mast top is broken and will not hoist the sail.
It has RF750 stamped on it.
I am having trouble locating one. Does anyone know where on the Mornington Peninsula (or Melbourne) I might be able to source a suitable replacement?
Any and all advice and clues most gratefully received.
Many Thanks,
Robert Savige7-Nov-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Advice sought re replacement mast fitting.
Hi Rob
Speak to Jim Scott at "The Dinghy Shop/Formula Sailcraft" in Williamstown. He will point you in the right direction if not have a solution for you straight away.
Im not sure if Ronstan still stock this item, perhaps give their HO a call...they are based in Vic.
Andrew Tailor10-Nov-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Advice sought re replacement mast fitting.
Thanks Andrew,
You are right about Ronstan. They tell me the part went out of production in the early 1990's. I'll give Jim Scott a go and see if he has a solution or suitable substitute for me.

Many Thanks,

Robert Savige10-Nov-2015    Edit    Delete 

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