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Recommended paint for painting 125 panels
Has anyone any advice on painting sail panels?
I have a set of 125 sails - I did paint them using a permaset fabric paint - but the colour does not hold.
I was advised it should work - but this has not been my experience....after the paint has dried in - I can peel it off quite easily.

Can anyone recommend a type of paint (brand/type/part number/catalog number) of something that does work?

Brian23-Dec-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Recommended paint for painting 125 panels
Hi Brian
I always paint my sails as my colour is orange. I have always used screen printing paint (Permaset) bought from Art Suppliers, not the Gel type though....this does not seem to set well and causes bubble/flaking.
I apply with a sponge or foam roller very lightly and allow to dry fully, then do the other side. You may need a second coat depending on the colour.
Andrew Tailor23-Dec-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Recommended paint for painting 125 panels
Andrew, just in case other people run into the same issue as I did, the paint that's needed is:

It comes in 300ml containers - priced from about 25-35 AUD (2015 prices) and is available from Jackson(s) Art Suppliers.

The paint you do NOT want is PermaSET.
This is from the same manufacturer, comes in similar size, looks very similar in appearance, about the same price and is sold as a fabric does NOT work.
Brian5-Jan-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: Recommended paint for painting 125 panels
I've always used acrylic artists paints from local craft shop. MUST be well diluted with plenty of water and mixed well to a thin consistency, and applied with a sponge. Used undiluted it's difficult to apply and streaks badly. Because the dilution contains so much water it needs plenty of time to dry before turning the sail over and doing the other side. Try to avoid using masking tape because it bleeds under the tape readily (being so dilute). Won't peel off, won't wash off, might fade after several years though mine are still going strong
Chris Taylor27-Feb-2016    Edit    Delete 

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