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Hi, I have just bought this 125 and trying to see what's missing from the rigging. There is enough to get the main and jib working but there was no spinnaker or spinnaker pole with the yacht. I have a bag with the harness and harness lines but not sure where they go. Plus also some other cleats and pulleys. Is there anyone in Hobart near Penna who can show me the rigging setup? I also need to replace the stainless wires as there is some frayed strands. Does anyone have the swage tool?
Chris Michael29-Jan-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: Rigging
Hi Chris
Im not from Tassie so can help you with a swaging tool etc. My advice would be to join your nearest club and sail from there. The added value being there will be others who can advise you on what equipment you have/need.
I know there are some 125s in Tassie, not sure where they are sailing from though. maybe the Victorian Association may be able to advise.
Your local Chandler will able to help with replacement parts etc.
Andrew Tailor4-Feb-2016    Edit    Delete 

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