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What goes under the varnish and where to get it?
Hi, we are fixing up an older wooden 125, and have sanded off much of the old varnish. Some websites recommend a layer of epoxy or CPES before varnishing, but I can't find anything similar in the shops. What should I buy and where can I buy it? We live in Canberra.

Also, some of the fibreglass tape is coming up. I don't want to remove it because one side is very firmly stuck down and it is only one side that is coming up. What could I stick it down with?

Any tips for us novices would be very welcome,
Frances25-May-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: What goes under the varnish and where to get it?
Hi Frances,

Im no expert my self but have had some experience doing this myself with wooden components on my old boat.
For the varnish one thing you can do is thin out the first layer or 2 is thin out the varnish with an appropriate thinning agent (terps or what ever the varnish may recommend). This allows it to soak into the wood far better for the first few layers.

As for the glass tape, depending on what its purpose it i would remove the stuff that has dis-attached itself and replace it. Just gluing it back down may not be as structural as you would want it to be. Regardless of what you choose to do use 2 part epoxy resin.
Nicholas Mariani31-May-2016    Edit    Delete 

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