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spreader damage
Hi All. I have an early plywood 125 where I have an issue with the shroud wires carving a slot where they go through the spreaders. Is there any simple method of preventing this? Thanks
max512-Sep-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: spreader damage
Id be more concerned about the shroud wire letting go...
I guess you can do a few things.
1) replace spreaders
2) shorten spreaders if they 'POKE" a great deal (Pushing the shrouds out of a straight line a significant amount will be the cause of the undue friction)
3) wrap the friction point on the shrouds in something like tape

What type/style of spreaders are they?
Do you have a pic to post so we can see?
andrew13-Sep-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: spreader damage
Hi Andrew. This is a very early 125 with original parts so maybe this issue is not so common but I thought there may be other owners that may have had this problem. Thanks for some of your tips but I don't think shortening the spreaders is the way to go as I believe they are correct for the boats design. Tape would also not last very long. I am thinking more along the lines of using thick plastic spacers and screwing them together on either side of the spreader where the new slot has been created. This should fill the hole and push the spreader back out to where the origin hole was. After time I would just need to replace the plastic spacers when they wear down. I have inspected the shroud wire for damage but being the harder of the two, stainless vs aluminium, they are in good condition. I have also added a pic as you suggested. Thanks again.

max516-Sep-2016    Edit    Delete 

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