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Centerboard slot tape
I'm chasing some centerboard slot tape. Just like this

I haven't been able to locate an Australian seller.
I see from discussions that people have used mylar monofilm. Can anyone please recommend a supplier in the NE NSW or SE QLD area?
Jish19-Sep-2019    Edit    Delete 
Re: Centerboard slot tape
The Hawk Gasket tape should be available from leading Chandler in QLD?.
Alternatively try “The Dinghy Shop” in Victoria.
I know Boating Hardware here in WA stock it.
Needs applying with contact adhesive for best results.
Alternatively buy it off the Pinnel and Bax Website.
McKay Boats in NZ also sell a kit on their website with the Mylar film strips and Double Sided tape ready to go for 420s which can be fitted for 125s.
Andrew20-Sep-2019    Edit    Delete 
Re: Centerboard slot tape
Great, thanks for the suggestions & give them a try.
Jish23-Sep-2019    Edit    Delete 

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