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Building new mast
I am a first season 125 sailor building a new mast for our timber boat and am seeking some advice on spreader positioning from the base of mast given we have between 1500 & 2700 to play with. Also, suggestions on stiffener position would also be appreciated. Current crew weight is 80kg but next season will be 40kg (not a radical diet but crew change!) Thanks Graeme.
Graeme Hedges9-Feb-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Building new mast
Hi Graeme,
my recomendations for your mast would be to place the spreaders at the maximum height above the base, 2700mm. My logic in this is that this way the spreaders control more of the mast as they are closer to the half way point rather than if they were lower down.
The spreaders should push the shrouds out of line outwards about 40mm and forwards about 40mm, though with the new stiffer sections they do not need as much forward push...they could even be in line with a light crew weight.
My spreader lengths are 275mm, measured from the centre of the mast track to where the shrouds go through the spreaders.
I expect you will have one of the new sections if you are building a new mast.
If you are sailing with a crew of only 40kg i would not recommend a stiffener..they only add unnecessary weight. I find no need for one, especially with the new masts.
If you are using end boom sheeting and use the vang a lot for creating leech tension in the main, you may need to think about a stiffener if you are going to sail with a heavy crew, say over 55kg, and/or lowering your spreaders ( to counteract the boom pushing forward with the vang tension).
To sum up, for you , sailing with a 40kg crew, i would say no stiffener, spreaders at 2700mm.
Jamie Thomson12-Feb-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Building new mast
Thanks Jamie for your advice and to the others who responded directly to me. The assistance and enthusiasm is much appreciated.
Graeme Hedges14-Feb-2006    Edit    Delete 

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