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Trailer to fit 125
Hi, Have recently purchased a 125 in rural Vic and excited to teach the kids to sail. Searching for a suitable trailer.. have seen a second hand Dunbier jet ski trailer. Specs in link. Does anyone know if this would be suitable? Length is fine, just concerned about width? Thanks very much for your assistance and time!
Juliet Plowman1-Jul-2020    Edit    Delete 
Re: Trailer to fit 125
Hi Juliet
A 125 is a light dinghy at around 50-60KG so really only needs a light trailer, or a garden/box trailer will do.
You can even car top a 125 on Roof-racks.
Really it depends on how far your travelling as to how good a trailer you need.
Andrew2-Jul-2020    Edit    Delete 
Re: Trailer to fit 125
As Andrew said, a light trailer would be fine. If you intend to use the jetski trailer I would removed the rollers as they will damage the boat. Put a decent piece of ply on the chasis and slide your trolley up on that.
Peter7-Jul-2020    Edit    Delete 

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