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Installing Trapeze
I have just got a new (vintage) boat that has no trapeze set up. Any advice on what is required to set one up welcomed.
Chris18-Mar-2021    Edit    Delete 
Re: Installing Trapeze
Hi Chris

Hopefully the mast already has somewhere to attach the trapeze, should be where the sidestays attach. If not, you'll need to change that fitting.

For the actual trapeze, you need a length of 3 or 4 mm dyneema core, a trapeze cleat (RF5121), a trapeze loop/block assembly (RF17), a trapeze handle, and a length of rope (around 6mm) to adjust the height of the ring.

Then you run a length of shock cord from the trapeze ring, through a saddle on the deck, forward to a block somewhere near the bow, then back down the other side to the other trapeze.

Hopefully this makes sense!
Michael Arnold19-Mar-2021    Edit    Delete 

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