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Rigging help
Gday, I have just brought an 80s built 125 (#1019) but have next to know experience. Is there a rigging diagram on this site or somewhere else . Thanks Col...
Col Gallatly14-Oct-2023    Edit    Delete 
Re: Rigging help
Hi Col,
Your best option is to contact the closest club to you sailing 125s and go and see them on a sailing day. There is a list in Club Contacts. You should easily find someone willing to answer your questions and you can see how the boats are set up and take lots of pictures.
You can find the build instructions in Information on 125s section of the website where there is a rigging diagram. There should be other useful tips there too.
Good luck with your 125!

Keith Merkley8-Nov-2023    Edit    Delete 
Re: Rigging help
Thanks for the reply Keith, that was my next move LOL Col...
Col Gallatly15-Oct-2023    Edit    Delete 

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