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hull paint
what is the best kind of glossy long last paint for my 125
thomas1-May-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: hull paint
We have used the "International Paints" products , both glue and paint, with success. They have a website with lots of useful information about their various products to assist in determining the best one for your application.
Whatever you use, several thin coats rahter than one thick coat should give a smoother result.
alison1-May-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: hull paint
Which ever paint you decide to use, remember that the proper preperation is essential to a good finish. when I was painting my boat, i used 2 coats of undercoat. the first coat shows up all the imperfections, you can then fill them and sand to a smooth finish, you then apply a second undercoat and then after a sand with fine grade wet and dry, the top coat.
The paint manufacturers can provide you with more product specific infomation.
Grant Steinback2-May-2006    Edit    Delete 

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