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A book or manual for setting up a 125
Is there anyone of the experts out there who can put together a book or manual on how best to set up a 125 and how to sail the boat to get the best out of it. A list of sail makers would be good. I have sailed herons for many years and we had such a book which was great to sell to newcomers so they can learn the techniques unique to the 125. Doug Brewer for example is a mine of information so if all those experts get together and collate this information, we would all be so grateful.
Derek Miles29-Nov-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: A book or manual for setting up a 125
The topic of having a rigging guide/book has been talk about in Victoria for some time. We have had several guides in the past, but became outdated as companys changed their products and stock reference code/numbers. Also, what is use/developed in each state differs somewhat, although often the prinicples are similar. There is a plan (secret) to use new technology (CD or a DVD) to illustrate most of the common systems, with an interactive demonstration of the various layouts. This may be ready some time in the new year.
Barry Pike29-Nov-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: A book or manual for setting up a 125
Thanks for that Barry. Let us all know as soon as this is available
Derek Miles30-Nov-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: A book or manual for setting up a 125
Thanks for your input. It will take some work to get it to a standard, were we meet the needs of the majority of sailors in all states. I would urge anyone who wishes to learn / develop / employ rigging systems of any type on their boats, to contact their state association. The knowledge that is within our top sailors is surpassed by none. Also, unlike most other associations, we provide information freely to our fellow members for the sake of improving the fleet sailing skills. I gather that you are from Queensland from your reference to Doug Brewer. I have had much to do with Doug in recent times, and you are right he is a wealth of knowledge and his skill level is excellent. You wont go wrong in following Dougs advice. Happy sailing!
Barry Pike30-Nov-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: A book or manual for setting up a 125
Ive updated my page with some images that were taken at the nsw nationals of deck layouts. Its not that technical but I used them when deciding how to set up my new boat.Pictures courtesy of James Robinson
I also have pictures of my new boat set up.
Matthew Morris15-Dec-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: A book or manual for setting up a 125
Message to all states. We are nearly ready in setting up the DVDs for Rigging and Sailing the 125. Anyone wishing to contribute, please feel free to email me.

Most of the titles and graphics have been done. Also we have file footage from three National titles. However, I think it would be good to get input from across Oz re rig design, sailing tips and techniques.

Finally, Vics will have a new training officer soon. Any guess on who?
Barry Pike28-Feb-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: A book or manual for setting up a 125
I have just purchased a second hand 125 (sail No. 1778)& would like to see a rigging guide to help set it up. I have previously sailed a "Puffin Pacer" at APYC
Arthur DAVEY23-Jan-2006    Edit    Delete 
Just purchased a 125
3 X blokes (40 to 50yo) just purchased a 125. Sail number 212. 2 of the blokes are gilligans and have never sailed before. Other has some experience in larger yachts. Is it feasible for 2 men to competiviely sail boat(approx 140 to 150kg com weight)or should we be looking a sailing with out daughters to reduece the weight? Our jib is permanently fixed to the jib forestay. We are going to move it so it can be furled and unfurled. Any suggestions? How does the skipper control the main sheet and steer the boat when next to the crew who is out on the wire?
Regards Gary Richards
Gary Richards2-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 

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