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Do you know this sail number???
I am currently re-newing an old 125 from a brisbane sailing school. it's not the fastest boat in the world but it goes allright. i recently came across a name and a date on the foot of the sail and a number engraved near the transom. the same number is on a sticker on the mast saying tradewinds 1113. thats the same number near the transom. the name on the sail i cant make out but the sail number is 3102. i was wondering whether anyone has any rekolection of the numbers and if anyone new the boats history.
Mark Eaton
Beachmere Qld
Mark Eaton17-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Do you know this sail number???
The number is more than likely what is says on the mast. the boat is an ex-lourds hill boat and 3102 is one of their current racing boats (also the number 3102 is about 4 years old, the number 1113 is about 20-25!)

Hope this Helps
Grant18-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Do you know this sail number???
Grant is correct. Tradewinds is an old timber 125 from Lourdes Hill College. It's number is 1113 as engraved. The sail number 3102 is from Leeward Behaviour. When we sold Tradewinds we put with it some older sails from Leeward. If you contact me, we can try to send you some history of Tradewinds from the school archives.
Bob Sayer20-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 

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