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2006 VIC Nats
hey guys just wondering if the host club has been hit by all the fires down there... hope everything is ok!!
chris13-Dec-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: 2006 VIC Nats
Thanks for your concern. As of 14/12 the host club is OK. As far as I know the only effect has been lots of smoke and soot in the air. The main fire complexes are north west of the Bairnsdale/Paynesville area. There may have been a closure of the main highway due to smoke last weekend and this might happen again until the fires are well controlled.
When travelling to Paynesville listen to the news broadcasts so you are aware of the current situation. The ABC gives detailed information. ABC Local radio frequencies for areas along the Princes Highway are as follows: Melbourne 774 AM, Latrobe Valley 100.7 FM, Sale 828 AM, Orbost 97.1 FM, Cann River 106.1 FM, Mallacoota 104.9, Eden 106.3FM.
The web sites and are the country fire authority and department of sustainability seb sites with current fire situation information.
Alison13-Dec-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: 2006 VIC Nats
15/12. The cool change arrived mid afternoon yesterday bringing S or SW winds and showers. The temperature is down. Presumably the smoke is being blown away. The GLYC web site has a link to live local weather information from the Paynesville Motor Cruiser club. See
Alison14-Dec-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: 2006 VIC Nats
Is there a total fire band in Gippsland at the moment? Because from what I have been reading we will not be allowed to use portable camp stoves if that is the case.
Vicky19-Dec-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: 2006 VIC Nats
There are some days (like today 21/12) that are total fire ban. On those days (taken from Vic. government web site:-

Gas or electric fired portable barbeques can be used provided that:
the barbeque is located within 20 metres of a dwelling (portable places of residence such as mobile homes, caravans or tents are not dwellings in accordance with the CFA Act); and
the area 3 metres around the barbeque is cleared of flammable material; and
you have either a hose connected to a water supply or a vessel with at least 10 litres of water; and
an adult is there at all times when the fire is alight.

Note that a) the town has lots of food outlets, catering for all meals
b)there are permanent electric BBQ at most camp grounds and along the foreshore at Paynesville
Alison20-Dec-2006    Edit    Delete 

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