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Beach Trolley & Cover
Does anyone know where i can go to get a beach trolley for a 125?
Also looking for a cover for the boat.
Am located in Melbourne.
Karen20-Dec-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Beach Trolley & Cover
jim scott of formula sailcraft makes them.
nick21-Dec-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Beach Trolley & Cover
There are a number of people who make beach trolleys and boat covers in Melbourne. The best bet for beach trolleys is to contact your local 125 club to see if there is someone based at that club. Professionally built trolleys can be a bit pricey, but well made will last longer than the boat.
As for boat covers, check out the sail makers, namely Lindsay Irwin and Jamie Thomson. Both are 125 sailors and supporters of the association.
Barry Pike5-Jan-2007    Edit    Delete 

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