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new to sailing
I haven't sailed for 15 years but keen to get back into it. I am 72kg and most likely will sail the majority of time solo. Can I sail a 125 solo? Keeping in mind I am a beginner?
Paul4-Feb-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: new to sailing
The 125 is really designed for two people to sail. However it can be sailed single handed. In the early newsletters there was discussion about the merits of doing this with or without a jib. You would need to be careful about what the conditions were if you did go out as a single handed novice.

I presume you will be sailing from a club. Ask around as there are usually people who want to sail but don't have a boat. I know at my club we have a notice board for people to leave there details and there are always more crews than boat owners.

The class is a good boat for an adult beginner as it is a reasonably friendly boat to sail in the quieter conditions until you get some confidence. You then start using spinnaker and trapeeze to get the full experience. All in the one package.
alison8-Feb-2007    Edit    Delete 

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