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Reverting to traveller
I'm sure there will be howls of "Don't do it", but I am converting from end boom to traveller sheeting. The hassles of rope at the end of the boat ALWAYS getting in the way are just too much to bear. SO...
Those folk who use a traveller, can you please let me know if you cleat the main & sail off the traveller or visa versa. I've come from a Tasar, where you cleat the main (Upwind at least) & simply play the traveller. If you do cleat the main, do you have cleats on the side deck or on the gunwale?
... Yeah, I know... Head down to my local club & have a look. Well I'm interested in interstate opinions also! Pics appreciated.
Tim Marquardt13-Feb-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Reverting to traveller
Not sure which in which State you are sailing, but Jamie Thompson, multiple National Championship winner, current Vic Association President and exponent of the mid boom / traveler, would be your best option. Jamie has been using the system for many years with, obviously, great success and appears other sailors are beginning to adopt this method. You would think many more of us would have tried this system but I guess some of us are a little slow!

Jamie can be contacted via the email address on the VIC Contacts link.
Graham Brown14-Feb-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Reverting to traveller
When I started sailing 125's in the late 70's early 80's all boats were rigged with the traveller system. We cleated the main and worked the traveller upwind. We also used to rig the boat standing up with main and jib halyards using hyfield levers for tension.

I sailed other classes for many years since and only got back into 125's in the last 3 years and it has all changed with end boom sheeting and laying boats down to rig.

I cannot guage which is best from the performance perspective because 125's nowadays are faster anyway. However, I do think that end boom sheeting is a little simpler with less stuff in the boat and more direct control over the main. The benefit of the traveller is that you can let the main off a bit without changing the shape. But at the end of the day, the more you have to play with in the boat the less you are looking at where you are sailing.

One of the main disadvantages of end boom sheeting is putting the rudder over the strop and getting out on the water and having to take the rudder off to correct the situation (no easy task in a bit of lumpy water or wind). Don't you love the swear words when you do this but for older folkes like me, rushing on land can lead to dementia.

When we used to use the traveller system we had the cleat mounted on the mainsheet pully which was on the traveller track. We never cleated off on the side of the boat. You used to be able to buy the cleat and pully all in one assembly.

Derek Miles
Derek Miles14-Feb-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Reverting to traveller
I have sailed with a traveller system for 30+ years. End boom is too messy and I believe any so called technical advantage is more than lost by the need to adjust the boom vang with changing wind strengths. The mid boom sheet is nowhere near as sensitive to vang pressure. One bad tack with the tiller tangled up in the main sheet is also rather negative.
I have a 4:1 mainsheet system with a cleat on the lower pulley. A 125's sunken decks can get in the way when hiking so lift the bottom block up say 100mm with a piece of s/steel tubing. A shackle through the bottom to the traveller car and the top can fit over the swivel pin of a Ronstan pulley and cleat fitting. Be careful as the rotating effect on the shackle pins can loosen them. I use the non threaded variety with a key ring style ring through the hole in the pin.
The traveller car has a 2:1 endless system for adjustment. The best position I have found for the cleat is on the car itself. I have had cleats on the deck and the gunwhale and found a cleat each side of the car the most convenient. When I was fitter and younger I could quite effectively pump the 125 over waves to windward using the traveller when it was blowing over say 18 knots. Alas the body won't do such things any more.
My 125 has been used as a training boat by many beginners and they all find the mastering of tacking and gybing is so much easier with this system.
don Barnett16-Feb-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Reverting to traveller
Tim great way to go,i sailed and won two national with Jamie
It is the best way for 125
Please feel free to e mail me

Thanx Peter Cheney
Peter29-Oct-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Reverting to traveller
Yes, traveller is certainly a great way to go..perfect control over leech tension, easy conrol of power with the traveller, no need for a mast stiffener..saving weight and pitching inertia/momentum, easy gybing.
I cleat off the main on the last block on the centrecase (4:1)
and play the traveller (3:1). Car almost always to windward.

jamie thomson20-Dec-2007    Edit    Delete 

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