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Behaviour in the discussion forums
On the 18th of Feb, two messages were left on this discussion forum questioning the integrity of one of our sailing / committee members. These messages have been deleted and such behaviour will not be tolerated. Further, the brave soles who left the messages did not identify themselves (other then one leaving a first name). If you are going to criticise someone then put your full name to it, and show us how much guts you have. Further don't do it here!
Barry Pike19-Feb-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Behaviour in the discussion forums
I agree with you Barry, people should put their names to their posts. But I thought the comments were fair.

Perhaps a PHPBB or YABB syle forum would be a better setup, as people have to logon to post, and you can ban certain persons or IP's
Damian Wright19-Feb-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Behaviour in the discussion forums
Comment on whether a person is cheating or not don't belong here under any circumstance. This website is provided for members (and the general public) to gain useful information on 125 sailing. This website does not serve as a launching place for attacks on other members. If you have an issue, then deal with it in the appropriate place, that are the state committees and the NEC.
Finally, there are measures being considered to monitor who post on the discussion forum.
Barry Pike19-Feb-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Behaviour in the discussion forums
I agree with Damian
jeff purcell20-Feb-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Behaviour in the discussion forums
As there are some opinions being expressed here, I agree with Barry. No one should post personal attacks in this discussion forum. This discussion forum is for members and the public to engage in friendly discussions about the class, the 125, matters pertaining to sailing events but not about the people. If someone has a personal issue with a person, they should deal with the relevant committee in their state or with the person privately rather than air dirty linen on a public forum.

By engaging in personal attack for all the public to see only gives an otherwise very friendly sailing class a bad reputation. If we are wanting to grow the class, then we need to show prospective new members how family oriented we are and what a wonderful boat we sail.

And finally, we don't want the actions of a few (and I am sure that those with bad feelings are in the minority) to cause the withdrawl of this forum which is a wonderful tool for 125's to communicate class issues in a friendly and polite manner.

Derek Miles
Derek Miles23-Feb-2007    Edit    Delete 

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