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I understand that there is a push to have "dagger" style rudder blades/boxes.
I have noted that there is no limit on the depth that the blade can extend below the bottom of the transom, only that the blade has to fit inside the template.
My experience of dagger style rudders in other classs is that they had a maximum limit below the transom. They were less prone to twist the blade in the box und there were no pins, clips,botls and wing nuts to lose in the water. You could also get out from shallow water/sand banks easier.
If we were allowed any style of rudder blade/box connection and set 1) the limit on maximum depth below transom bottom
2) the maximum width
3) the maximum thickness
then you could make a personal decsision on what style suits your own circumstances, be it pivot, dagger or fixed!
There would be no performance advantage in any of the types.
This would be easy to measure and could provide a more rigid connection.
Greg23-Apr-2007    Edit    Delete 

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