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Forum behaviour
Hi to the forum users. Recently we had a thread titled "Weight & Wind Speed - the Final Word". There were a few interesting points made in this item, but there were several references made that were inappropriated for this forum. I have received a number of complaints on the opening article and so the decision has been made to delete this thread.

I will quote the following email

"...I have found the discussion page informative and helpful, and personally I say thank you to you and the 125 association for the web and discussion pages.

In regard to the recent discussion on crew weight I was disappointed with the opening item. As I believe you were. On that basis I would encourage you to delete the thread. There were some useful and valid points in the thread however the opening item and others included comments that are contrary to my understanding of the "spirit of sailing". I am new to the 125 class, however selected the 125 as a family boat, as I believe the history of the class would indicate. "

I believe the above quote sums what we are about. We are providing a service to our members and our members who are on the whole are kids and families. I don't think it takes much effort in realising, the majority of people who read the articles on this forum are intersted in sailing, getting the best out of their boats, and really have little or no interest on anatomical features of those who sail or their personalities.

Please keep this forum for sailing the 125!
Web Admin15-Aug-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Forum behaviour
Damn I missed that one. Note to self, I must check the forum more often. Any chance of you emailing a copy of the offending thread to me Mr Webadmin?
Damian Wright15-Aug-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Forum behaviour
i agree...

some of the original comments made were not in the interest of the class....

i think its important to correct and improve any negative or mis-guided views of the 125s..

as one of the persons who replied to the thread is suggest maybe those negative comments could be removed instead of the whole thread because as u said there were a lot of informative and positive ones posted... just an idea :)

Chris Anderson

chris ando16-Aug-2007    Edit    Delete 

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