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History on 125 number 26 please
Hi, I have recently acquired 125 number 26 and am wondering if anyone knows it's history.
It was a Black Rock boat, but has been in SA for quite a while.
I am currently stripping it back and setting it up for the 05/06 season and plan on sailing it when not campaigning my IC (International 10sqm Canoe).


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Re: History on 125 number 26 please
Early 125 Association newsletters indicate that number 26 was owned by Peter Kirkham from the Melbourne suburb of Mulgrave. Peter was the Publicity Officer for the association in August 1972. Between April and October 1974 the boat changed ownership to G. Sutton of Bayswater. Unfortunately the newsletters do not indicate a boat name nor clubs to which these sailors belonged. I did not find any more references in the newsletters 1974 - 76 and have not examined later documents.
Enjoy your sailing. There are still several pre 1000 boats actively sailing in Victoria. Numbers 329, 543, 570 and 777 were all participants in our 2005 state championships. Number 6 is used as a training boat by a large Geelong school.
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