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SYC Winter Knockout Regatta
July 30&31 are the dates for the final round of the Inaugral SEQ Dinghy Winter Championship set down for Southport Yacht Club Hollywell Sailing Squadron. Entry Fee is $60 for 5 races.

Also included is a knockout series on the Saturday Afternoon for those classes with 6 or more entries. This will take place over 3 races (approximately 15-20 min each with boats scatched after each race to leave only two boats to match race in the final event.

We only have one regular 125 sailing at SYC (Thats our boat Heebee Jeebee) and we would love to see a few more 125's for this regatta.

Any queries can be directed to Ashley Stephens at SYC 5537 7030. Sometime soon all info should be on the website at

Hope to see you there Shane Craig
Shane Craig30-Jun-2005    Edit    Delete 

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