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Yacht supports for beach trolley
hi does anyone know were i can get some supports for my yacht ones that support the the whole width of the yacht new or old or ways how to make my own thanx
ben17-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Yacht supports for beach trolley
Contact Jim Scott at Formula Sailcraft in Vic 0409151121 OR They give full support side->side + a bit more & are 160mm wide, one between first & second bulkhead, & at the c/case rear. Made of glassed timber & are form fitting. Covered mine with nylon marine carpet, glued straight onto the support, no padding needed. Worth having.
Ian K17-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Yacht supports for beach trolley
To make supports you need to decide where you want the supports located, I usually locate near rear of centrecase and somewhere between front two bulkheads.

Then on the up turned hull lay out a couple of layers of cling wrap at each location, placed some padding material (overlength and say foam) on the wrap and taped in place. Recover with a couple of layers of wrap again and tape in place. This protects hull and padding from stray resin. Just use polyester resin its cheapest.

Then proceed to lay up chopped strand mat over the padding until sufficient thickness for strength. Let this all set and then cut out some form of plywood to match the fibreglass shapes and to give you the depths you want below the boat and then fibreglass the plywood to the supports.

Once hardened you can lift off the ply and f/glass support off the padding and hull. Then trim up and sand as neededed and I usually then add a layer or two of glass over all the plywood for water integrity, as even marine ply will eventually rot. Of course the supports are shaped to fit a trolley or some other connecting carrier first with bolt holes predrilled etc.

Then contact glue the padding to the supports and you have water impervious, form fitted and strong supports for the boat that aren't too heavy either!!

Hope this helps.

Have added a picture to sort of help with the look and you can see mine as part of the trolley arrangement too.


steve low12-Feb-2008    Edit    Delete 

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