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Need Help with Scuppers
hi was wondering about the scuppers would like some ideas on how to stop the water getting in and how to let the water out. have seen one 125 with thin plastic sheets to allow water in and out wanted to get some other ideas and pictures if possible thanx
Benjamin3-Jan-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Need Help with Scuppers
Have used the thin style scuppers with success for many years. They give automatic operation vs the manual release needed for the rigid hinged flap style.
There is a single piece of acetate film (old shirt boxes or stationery report covers) 10mm larger than the scupper opening on the lower 3 sides. The top can have any size overlap, approx 20mm works and is attached with a piece of sail repair tape straight across, 20mm wider each side. The top remains closed whilst the bottom flps open when the water pressure inside the hull exceeds the adhesive effect of the water film than goes between the transom and the scupper by capillary action.
If they get damaged and leak they are easily and cheaply replaced.
A slight leak is a good reminder to get the weight forward and the transom up!
Maximum size openings for height are not recommended as the thin film can bend with a following wave.
Don Barnett SA
Don Barnett22-Jan-2009    Edit    Delete 

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