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Information on the 125

The 125 is a 12.5 foot (3.83 m) two person intermediate sailing dinghy complete with spinnaker and trapeze, a boat for everyone. It has a design that appeals to the person wanting a piece of the sailing action without going overboard on costs.

Designed for easy owner building in stitch and glue, the 125 is a handyman's dream. For those with less time, a fiberglass hull is now available, creating an excellent low maintenance craft. Second-hand boats are readily available and with a bit of attention can provide two people entry to sailing for less than $1000. Weighing in at around 50 kg and easily cart able on the top of a car, the 125 is the ideal craft for family sailing and family involvement.

There is a strong Association with Divisions in all states of Australia. Currently we have approximately 100 active members in Victoria and there are about 600 members through out Australia. Also there are 125s sailing in S.E. Asia and in New Zealand. Racing is generally dominated by teenage skipper-crew combinations, though it is not uncommon to find sailors anywhere between 8 and 60 having a ball in their 125.

General Class Specifications:

Length 3.83m
Beam 1.43m
Mast 5.65m
Mainsail 6.5m2
Jib 3.0m2
Spinnaker 8.6m2
Min weight 50 kg

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