National 125 Sailing Association


Why Sail a 125 ?

A 125 Offers you:

  • A reasonable price to purchase with some older ones always available that would be ideal for learning to sail.
  • Fast and exciting to sail with a trapeze and a spinnaker.
  • Stable and forgiving when learning to sail.
  • A good step up for a younger sailor who has outgrown a Sabot.
  • Great for 2 adults or parent / child combinations. A reasonable minimum age range is 10-12 years.
  • Widely sailed in Australia with clubs in every state.
  • An active Association in Australia with State and National titles for the competitor who likes a challenge.
  • Can be home built in timber or fibreglass - full plans and a guide are available

It is a good idea when choosing a boat to find one that is sailed in numerous clubs. This popularity shows that the boat appeals to a wide range of people so you will have a good choice when buying one, and a recognisable boat when you come to sell it again.

125s are available in both timber and fibreglass but the older timber boats will represent much better value for money for the new sailor. Then when you gain experience and want to compete at the top level, you can upgrade to a newer fibreglass boat.

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