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Rigging Question
A few questions on rigging the 125:
- How are the trapeze lines are attached to deck
- How do you rig the jib so that it can be raised and lowered without having to raise/lower the mast. My jib doesn't have eyelets to attach it to the forestay cause the forestay goes through the jib.
Any ideas welcome..
Brian6-Oct-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Rigging Question
Hi Brian
Trapeze wires are attached to the deck via lengths of shockcord to keep them taught and enable them to return to position after use. The shockcord connects to the ring and then can go through gunwhale toward to stern....or through fairleads around front of mast (or to bulkhead and to other trapeze wire) Best to view some boats at a club for best idea. With the 125 you have some freedom in how you wish to set things up.
In regards to the Jib/Forestay arrangement. Unfortunately, if you wish to rig a forestay/jib halyard arrangement you will need to add hanks to the jib luff and then a purchase system to hoist/lower like the Mirror class.(Or copy the 420/470 Class method of a seperate forestay arrangement.) Again pop down to a yacht club and check out some different methods. People are always happy to help if you ask.
Andrew7-Oct-2009    Edit    Delete 

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