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End Boom Sheeting Traveller
Would anybody be able to tell me if they adjust the rear traveller depending on wind conditions, or if it should be left at a certain height??

Ryan 303421-Nov-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: End Boom Sheeting Traveller
Hi Ryan
What you want ideally is ,when sailing to windward, and you sheet it block to block the top leeach ribbon stalls, when you ease it a fraction the ribbon then starts to stream 50/50.
If your bridle is too high (long) you will not be able to get the correct leech tension through mainsheet.
If your bridle is too short you can tend to oversheet when trying to get boom along the centreline of the boat and/or it will flex away to leeward in gusts.
When the wind becomes strong enough for you to need to ease sheet the vang should take over as the control for leech tension and the mainsheet simply adjusts to boom in and out.
Dont forget that if you adjust your mast rake the bridle will also need adjusting as more mast rake lowers the end of the boom and less raises it.
You would be best advised at this stage to set it at the correct height on shore and concentrate on the other things that are most important: Boat Handling, Sail Trim, Tactics & Strategy and leave the bridle alone.

Andrew21-Nov-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: End Boom Sheeting Traveller
Thanks Andrew,

Appreciate your help

Ryan 303421-Nov-2010    Edit    Delete 

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