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Congratulations to all the latest national title entrants. My only concern is that since the minority has brought in these rule changes which has upset various states, the numbers will just keep going down hill, I wonder if we will ever see a full fleet again.........
joe oxely6-Jan-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: nationals
In my opinion if people continue to be negative about the class it is doomed. What's required, from all, is to get on with promoting the 125 as the great class it is.
No rules or changes to the constitution are passed by a "minority". It needs 3/5 positive votes from the State delegates at the NEC conferences to make any change....thats the democratic principles that are in place.
If you are concerned about the classes future, get involved at an administrative level and lead others to talk up the class.
If members of the States other than Vic & SA did not attend due to changes in recent measurement rules I am unaware of it.....besides, all boat built prior to any change are grandfather claused. I assumed that we had no entrants from QLD & NSW due to other commitments, changes of classes, distance, GFC etc. All were welcome in Esperance and I am sure those who did the trip will back me on that.
Final point, Nationals number last year = 23, this year = 32....thats in increase isn't it?
Andrew Tailor
Andrew6-Jan-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: nationals
Hello Andrew, I totally disagree. I think all you need to do is look at some earlier posts on a previous page to see why we did not see some long standing members at this years Nationals. Funny how the QLDers came to our last WA series, but not these ones..... As for getting involved at a administration level, I would love to when I get back to a metro area. The fleet numbers have gone from 41 a few years ago, down to what it was this year. I am very pleased to see many juniors coming into the class, however, it's the senior sailors who keep the fleet going to mentor these new comers.
joe oxely6-Jan-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: nationals
Joe, the facts are as follows:
No competitor was discouraged from attending this Nationals due to any "rule changes".
No rules are changed without a majority view....as per the constitution.....and to suggest that any State that votes on motions is in any way a minority player is offensive.
All boats effected by new rules are grandfather claused.
I would suggest, if you wish to prove your point, to ask the question of all 125ers who did not attend as to why they didnt. I would love the feedback....it may help Victoria get more attendees to Mcrea in December 2011.
BTW: WA sailors are already commiting to going to Vic, and with the journey from QLD, NSW & SA being very reasonable compared with this year I think there is a strong possibility that there will be a "full" fleet again.
Andrew Tailor
Andrew6-Jan-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: nationals
Hello Andrew, I am not having a personal dig at any individual association, or person for that matter, but I am not afraid of speaking my mind. Over Christmas I was chatting to some very experienced, long time sailors of this class and I am aware of what is going on. I on one hand feel very sad as these people in question are good people, and sailors. I will approach them and ask them to come public at there choice, but until then it is not my right to start throwing names around. As the amendment said in this years Nationals, past boats will not be given automatic dissipation if carried over from past years, WHAT A JOKE, these boats where being built and sailed when they were still building yacht clubs. I know it's a one class design but give them the respect they deserve, they are still boats called 125's last time I looked.
joe oxely6-Jan-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: nationals
I must correct you in your commment re the Amendment for this years Nationals.
What the amendment stated is that boats that have received DISPENSATION at previous Nationals will not be admitted this year if the required corrections were not undertaken. This is the correct proceedure and has nothing, I repeat, nothing to do with boats that are Grandfather Claused from any rule changes.
The national measurer holds a copy of the dispensation register. This is to ensure that sailors do not continue to turn up with boats/equipment that do not measure/comply if they were permitted during a particular Nationals.
Please Joe, ensure your facts are correct before making such assertions.
If anyone was concerned prior the Nationals they only needed to contact myself or any of the NEC commitee. We recieved no such questions.
Whilst your concerns are well founded, I feel we have done much to move forward this year despite not attracting entries from NSW & QLD and I hope that next year we will see an even larger contingent from other States, but we must start talking up our class and get back to what is important.
Andrew6-Jan-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: nationals
Thankyou Andrew for your clear understanding on the mentioned rule.I should be in Perth soon and if you have no objection i will come and have a chat at efyc. Sounds like you fully up to speed on all the rules and protocol in regards to the association.
joe oxely7-Jan-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: nationals
It is disapointing that no NSW boats attended the Esperance Nationals this year, however This is not a case of NSW sailors boycotting the event because of any rule changes but more a case of the sailors who have travelled in the past either moving on from the class or not having the time or finances to make the trip over.

I made the trip over to WA for both the 2000/01 and 2005/06 series. These two events standout for me as two of best run nationals I have been to and I have encouraged everyone in the class to make the trip if they were able to.

Of the 5 NSW boats who attended in 2005/6 only two of the skippers are still active in the class. I had planned to get another boat and make the trip to Esperance, unfortunately I changed job in the mean time and was unable to get time off work.

I certainly hope the WA sailors don't take the lack of NSW boats as a snub because this simply is not the case.
Damian Wright7-Jan-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: nationals
Thanks Damo, we certainly did not feel snubbed by anyone. We in WA fully understand the difficulty in taking the long trip across the country and have always appreciated the efforts of those that do. I suspect that many classes have experienced increased difficulty in attracting sailors from other States in the past couple of years and I am sure that will start to turn around with well run events in attractive locations. This year I hope was the start of that turn-around.

Joe, feel free to come down to EFYC for a chat or give me a call to discuss your concerns. I am sure you will find that the class is still fantastic to be part of and still provides great sailing & socialising.

Andrew Tailor7-Jan-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: nationals
Joe, Have been reading your comments on the discussion page and was just wondering when you did sail 125's and was a member of the Association. Im picking up by comments you are from WA?
Looking at records as far back as 1992/93 cannot find your name.
If possible could you please send your boat name details.
Sandy Merrutia
Vice President 125 Association of WA
Sandy Merrutia12-Jan-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: nationals
Congrats to Esperance Yacht Club and the National 125 Committee on a fantastic regatta. As it was our first nationals Blair and I had so much fun and more than enough excitement and competition to quieten us for a while. At 60+ y.o. its not easy to go back to school on a 125 dinghy. My lack of more than a couple of broken seasons showed and the learning curve has been steep but what a ride! Thanks to everyone for the tips and friendship. Best wishes Greg
Greg Faulkner20-Jan-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: nationals
Hi Greg
Thanks for the kind words. It was great to see you guys out there enjoying yourselves to much. You and Blair are the perfect example of what "125ing" is all about and I can see the improvements you are making each time you sail.
See you around the Club!
Andrew Tailor20-Jan-2011    Edit    Delete 

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