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VIC nationals 2011/12
Any word on dates and locations?
Damian Wright7-Jan-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: VIC nationals 2011/12
Mcrea YC will be the venue....dates not available as yet.
Anyone from Vic able to help there?
Andrew7-Jan-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: VIC nationals 2011/12
The Dates are the 28/12/11 to the 5/1/12
Alex8-Jan-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: VIC nationals 2011/12
Can any Melbournites/Victorians advise of accommodation close to McCrae YC. Tourist parks etc and what they are like.
Dean Steinback7-Apr-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: VIC nationals 2011/12
Dean, I don't really know the peninsula accomdation but the following might be of use.
McCrae as a suburb is small. Adjacent localities are Dromana and Rosebud, then Safety Beach and Tootgarook. Moving inland from the coast Arthurs seat, Red Hill and Main Ridge. Furhter north or south onthe coast Mount Martha, Mornington and Rye, Blairgowrie
Alison10-Apr-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: VIC nationals 2011/12
Hi Alison,

Thanks for that, I'll look at that web address you suggested.
Dean Steinback17-Apr-2011    Edit    Delete 

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