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Class Support
Good to see there is always plenty of assitance being offered in this class, more than other classes, howerver in a public forum like this where potential new owners are looking and reading all comments. I dont feel it is constructive for negativity to be continuously posted. As a recent boat owner and newbie to the class , but not sailing, i beleive that some things should be left alone. And no matter how passionate about the classs some people may be , yes some things do change over time, as in life not every one can be pleased. Sailing a boat is a competative sport where we all are wanting to improve otherwise we'd still be making Timber hulls ( i think not).
The association is healthy dispite calls from some people that the class is all but doomed , due to a little improvement.

Every time i read the doomed comments and the negativity i feel like selling my boat and leaving the class and the friendships i have already made.
John25-Jan-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Class Support
Well said John
I am happy to hear from all about what they think is good and not so good, the class is not a communist regime, but to hash up things that are out of our circle of influence today is pointless and perhaps such energies should be directed in a more vital area.
On balance most of the commentary through here is good helpful dialogue for keen 125ers and it should continue that way.
Andrew Tailor
Andrew Tailor26-Jan-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Class Support
John ... yes you are new to the class so do you have any idea of where the negativity stems from? Has anyone filled you in on the many issues facing the class at the moment?
This is a public forum and there will always be negativity.
The 125 class is a wonderful dingy class but too many wrong decisions have been made in the last couple of years and that is very evident by the comments on the forum. The class now has to deal with the repercussions.
Jen 27-Jan-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Class Support
Hi Jen
Please inform us all where you feel the negativity and issues stem from...for any issues to be overcome they need to be aired...if you are going to do so please refrain from personal attacks but be as open as you can about where you feel things need improvement.
Andrew Tailor27-Jan-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Class Support
I have never made personal attacks towards anyone on the forum and I believe that most forums users are very good in that regard.

The issues were aired on the forum (in Dec 2008) - the posts are still there. I suggest people re-read them. There was NEVER a response from the main drivers behind the rule changes. They were asked to comment. Somebody suggested at the time that 99% of boats would be unaffected - not true and a statistic pulled out of the blue.

The new addition of the hull measurements to the rules of construction was unnecessary and of no benefit to the class. What has it achieved? It has completely stopped boats being built in Qld and NSW. The Qld 125 mould now sits not being used because boats built off it no longer are legal. The amateur boat builders who spent years working together with their family and the 125 community to build our fleet are angered, disheartened and annoyed. It has been a punch in the guts to them to have people say "oh we are going to change the hull tolerances so your boats won't measure any more - sorry you will have to change your mould and or boat building methods."

The QLD 125 community has never deliberately tried to cheat the rules - we just enjoyed 125 sailing and a big part of that was building them at home with our family's and friends. It was affordable. It was the essence of 125 sailing.

I sail a boat built off the QLD mould and find it insulting that it is no longer considered a '125' as it does not fit the tolerances(I know about the Grandfather clause - not the point)

Does the 125 community think that this was a step forward?

Jenny Anderson10-Feb-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Class Support
Hi Jen
Thanks for your courage in stepping forward with your opinions on this important matter. (Btw I wasnt suggesting that you have ever made personal attacks here but merely trying to encourage people to get involved in the right spirit, which you have)
For my opinion on this I can only comment on what I have seen in the past two seasons.
In WA we have had 4 new home builds and 2 pro builds measured in the last couple seasons. All have passed measurement easily including the additional rules added recently.
Have you guys measured your boats to see where the possible issues would be for new builds?
I am sure the class (and incoming NEC) would be open to any proposal/s that would see boats being built and seeing Qld being strong contenders at National Events....
The worst thing that could happen here is that the discussion stops.
Do People think the current rules are too strict or too loose?
Are there things we are missing?
I would also encourage people to put their real names to these discussions or at least a State that your from so some perspctive can be gained from the opinions shared.
Andrew Tailor10-Feb-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Class Support
I would have to agree with Jen. It is extremely insulting to spend the whole off season putting so much time and effort into building a boat only to have people come out years later and say that it does not measure. Not only that, but most of these boats that people say DO NOT MEASURE have not been measured with the new rules anyway. I know when we built some of our boats that every part of the boat would have been measured atleast 10 times through the building process to ensure that all rules were adhered to. The idea of home building boats is so that you can get a nice new boat at a fraction of the cost compared to the "professionally" built boats. Getting a new boat for $8k is a lot better than paying $13k+ for a second hand one. A few years ago QLD and NSW were regularly turning out new homebuilt boats season after season. That meant that people were pushing each other to get faster and faster and the main reason was that the close competition was raising the level of sailing. Now, no new boats are coming out of QLD and NSW and it is hard to see that changing in the near future. The real push for these rule changes came from NSW and VIC, however as a NSW sailor I can say that it certainly was not the view held by the majority. For that reason I would encourage sailors to get along and participate in your state associations and have a say.

I would like to see any previous moulds grandfathered in. The boats will not be any different to what we already have anyway. and in the 13 years I have been associated with the class I have never seen a 125 that bent the rules and didn't look like a 125. If that is done it will go a long way to restoring the faith and taking a step towards a better, stronger class again.
Luke11-Feb-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Class Support
Hi all as i am one of the recent WA home builders ( the reason i built a boat is my kids are at the age to sail 125 and the commitment level/fun is where we wanted to be) When a group of us deceided to build cause of a lack of boats in WA , got the rules , got a mould (that measured) and then heard about "The Mylar Patterns" , i couldnt beleive that was a way of measuring , as i could see that was fraught with different interpretations ( I have built other boats with tighter tolerances) . I was so releived that there was tighter measurments for the underwater bow section , at least then there would be less room for interpretation. yes i was not around when there seems to of been major disputes between states on measuring . But have all the hulls, been actually remeasured to the new measuring stations (which are similar to other classes), if so and that they are "In" then no dramas, If they are out, then from my understanding they are still "In" thanks to the to the grandfather clause. So really all current haulls are 125's , its just any futre 125's should all start to look the same. Please someone correct me if i am slightly mis placed.
Dave11-Feb-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Class Support
The issue arises in this instance because the boat that these mylar patterns were taken from now does not measure according to the new rules. Some guys in QLD purchased this boat and the QLD mould was constructed directly off this boat. Now to find out the mould is now illegal I find a little baffling.

Luke11-Feb-2011    Edit    Delete 

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