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restoring a timber 125. Should I seal inside and/or out, should I sheath?
The title says it all. This approx 1980 build boat had hidden problems galore. To make this one watertight I have had to remove all floor battens and the centrecase to make hull repairs. I found the taped seams were not strong, so I am re-taping everything. I am using the botecoat epoxy products and their suggestion is seal all new timber and the now bare timber hull inside and out with epoxy/TPRDA, then with two coats of exopy. Over this goes paint and/or clear coat. There was also a suggestion to glass sheath the hull. It is a family sailing dinghy, we don't race but who knows the boat's future... I do want to end up with a good looking boat but am mindful of the balance between over-capitalising, having a strong-enough boat (it comes to Melbourne from Qld with us), and not a too-heavy boat... What say you all? Anyone with bote cote experience? Other thoughts on sealing with three coats and paint? Just paint? Thanks for your thoughts and advice.
Jonathan McCorriston25-Oct-2014    Edit    Delete 

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