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boom attachment to mast
I have just started to renovate a wooden 125. There is no fitting to attach the boom to the mast. The boom has a hole about 3/8" to take a pin from the mast. I think this may be called a gooseneck. There is a track in the mast about 2' up from the base, where I think it fits. Does anyone know where I can obtain this fitting, if I am correct ?
dennis smith8-Nov-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: boom attachment to mast
Go to a boat chandler and ask for a fitting to suit. Ronstan still make this type of sliding gooseneck fittings, although most people use a fixed one now a days. try looking at the Ronstan Website for the part number perhaps also
andrew10-Nov-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: boom attachment to mast
Thank you Andrew. I will follow those leads.
Regards, Dennis
dennis smith13-Nov-2014    Edit    Delete 

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