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National Titles in Perth
Attention Everyone....
National Titles are being held in Perth WA, at the Nedlands Yacht Club on the Swan River. So you can all begin to plan (well) in advance here are some basic details to get you all thinking.
Our proposed schedule is as follows...
Dec Sun 27th- registration and measurement + invitation race

Mon 28th - Late registration and measurement + Race 1 + regatta open night

tue 29th - Race 2 (pm)

Wed 30th - Race 3 (pm)

thur 31st - Race 4 (am) + race 5 (pm)

jan fri 1st - Lay day

Sat 2nd - Race 6 (pm)

Sun 3rd - Race 7 (am) + re-sail provision (pm) + presentations

We have a number of accommodation options available including camping onsite at the yacht club for a fee, the UWA student accommodation has also offered for dorm or family style accommodation from 75 - 85 a night which is a 5 minute drive from the club.

please contact me for any questions you have 0411522373.

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