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125 vs Pacer for family boat
Hi there, looking to get my kids interested in sailing. Iím down to either a 125 or a Pacer. I like the option of the trapeze and kite when the kids get a bit older but also need a stable enough boat to take them out without the use of the trapeze for the time being.

Iíve done a fair bit of sailing and kids are 9 and 7 currently.

Any advice would be great.

Cheers, Sam.
Sam Boden1-Nov-2022    Edit    Delete 
Re: 125 vs Pacer for family boat
Hi Sam,
I was in a similar situation to you a few years back and opted for the 125 as I didn't want to have to buy another boat to transition to after the Pacer (our club had these as learn to sail boats at the time and didn't plan on sailing them as a long term option). I sailed with my 7 year old son who at the time would not get on the wire and it just meant hiking harder. When sailing competitively the only issue we found was not being able to hold a shy kite on the reaches in breeze. I now sail with my 10 year old 30kg daughter who has been on the wire since she was 7 and loves it.

Peter Mann7-Nov-2022    Edit    Delete 

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