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Cleats or Pulleys
Hi folks,
I have just bought 3059, and the previous owner has pulleys attached to the spinnaker sheet to pull down the windward side & let the leeward one out. Is this the preferred method? In other classes, the preferred method seems to be a cleat near the shrouds, which would seem less cluttered & easier to adjust.
Also, with end boom sheeting, should you be able to apply full pressure to the leach when fully sheeted in?
Any Comments?
Tim Marquardt22-Jan-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Cleats or Pulleys
If you're looking to buy these articles make it way easeir.
Lilly22-Jan-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Cleats or Pulleys
The tweakers (The pulleys for the spinnaker sheet) are the best way to go because;
* you dont have to try to get a brace (windward kit sheet) into a hook when it is under load
* when you drop the kite the first thing you do is pull down the leward tweaker so that the kite sheet doesnt flog and get caught around the end of the boom. I certainly wouldn't like to be clambering around on the leward side of the boat trying to pull in a wayward kite sheet!
The best thing for you to do is to go down to your local club that sails 125 and ask around. You should be able to organise for one an experienced 125 crew/skipper to take you out and show you the ropes
Grant24-Jan-2007    Edit    Delete 

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